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I’m Keegan Goudie, a creative writer/digital marketing expert based in Portland with a degree in journalism and unique prowess in SEO, specifically content that brings in organic traffic. I’ve become a go-to expert by major brands for copywriting, SEO copywriting, SEO consulting, and general digital marketing activities because of my proven ability to connect companies with whatever target audience they need to reach online.


My specialties include headlines, taglines, subject lines, high-engagement social copy, and scriptwriting (radio or video). I’ve previously done creative work for the Academy Awards, Adobe, AT&T, Microsoft, and many more. Check out the link below.

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SEO Consultant

When it comes to marketing and copywriting, there’s no advantage quite as powerful or empowering for a business than acquiring organic content. Through advanced SERP, keyword, and thorough editorial and Google Analytics research, I’ve helped strategize and implement organic SEO content strategies for several different major companies.

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